Do’s & Don’ts of a Business Card Design for Small Business Owners

Business cards have been the no. 1 source of offline marketing for businesses since their invention. Regardless of your business size, a business card performs a fantastic job in making people remember your business whenever they need your services or products and in converting a potential lead into a customer.

There are huge design variations available in business cards but a business card would be considered worthless and won’t do any good if it is missing any of the below three major elements.

1- Business Name & Logo

This should be big and bold enough so people see this as the first thing whenever they see your business card. Your business name is your identity and should be treated as first priority of your business card. People won’t call a business if they don’t even know who they are calling.

2- Contact Information

This is the main call-to-action (aka CTA) of your business and the only reason for your business card. Once people know who they are calling, they would need a number to make the call and inquire about your products or services. If you provide consultancy or more of a tech-related business, you should also include an email address to go along with the phone number, so people can get in touch with you with their computers for a direct quote or inquiry via email.

Local businesses like plumbers, electricians, hair salons, etc should be good with a phone number and a physical store address. This would help people to actually visit you in person for making their first query with you.

3- Website or Social Media Handles

A website with a portfolio or a Facebook page work samples would also help your customers explore your past work samples so they would know exactly what they are getting and would also help you in attracting more clients from social networks and internet search engines.

Businesses like tattoo shops and bakeries can easily showcase their work samples where can people can actually can see your work and get inspired before even getting in touch. A portfolio can also make visitors to your website or social profiles convert into customers even if they are just looking around and not ready to buy just yet, it all depends on the presentation and how impressive your work samples are.

Bonus Tips

If you are trying to be budget-friendly then a single-sided business card should suffice and would do the trick in most cases, but if you are trying to build a brand name and if the primary focus of your business is to get your name out there along with help people get in touch then it is recommended that you go for a double sided business card with your business name and logo on one side and your contact information and website links on the other.

An additional thing to keep in mind while designing your business card is that don’t overdesign it. Make sure that the above three elements are the primary focus on the card rather than any of the design elements since they are only there to enhance the attraction of your card and not bring you any actual business.

Additionally, you can also try out websites like Canva and Office Depot where you can design and get your cards printed and delivered to your doorstep for very competitive rates plus they give you an option to print low numbers first and try them out before ordering them in bulk.

Shahzad Shahab

Shahzad Shahab

Shahzad Shahab is a professional Graphics Designer and Website developer with over 14+ years of experience. He helps local and e-commerce businesses get a reputable online presence and also helps educate small business owners with tips and tricks for success.

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